EmployAbility Service, Dublin South

DSSE are Employment Support Specialists, integrating people with disabilities into employment in the open labour market and are part of the national EmployAbility Service. EmployAbility Service, Dublin South provides a service to people with disability in the south Dublin area. EmployAbility is a programme supported by the Department of Social Protection, which accesses mainstream employment, both part-time and full-time, for people with disabilities, based on their choice, needs and abilities.

Supported Employment enables people with disabilities to be employed in paid jobs in the open labour market. People with a wide range of disabilities have become employed using the Supported Employment Model.

Supported Employment is a system of preparing people with disabilities for existing jobs, matching them with those jobs and assisting them to integrate fully into the workforce.

Mission Statement

“Dublin South Supported Employment Ltd., trading as EmployAbility Service, Dublin South, aims to place people with a disability into the employment of their choice, based on the persons’ strengths, interests and capabilities, and to provide support as required.”

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