Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Martin is a 40 year old deaf man who required additional help in looking for a job because of communication difficulties.

Martin had worked in his fathers’ small construction business all his life. Unfortunately with the collapse in the construction industry Martin found himself out of work for the last 6 years.

With the lack of work Martin had become very low in himself; he explained he had never had an interview for a job and found sourcing work very difficult.
As a last resort Martin considered working abroad with his brothers, something he did not want to do due to having a young family.

During our meetings Martin explained his skills and showed a particular interest in carpentry. Although Martin had no formal training it was the only thing he felt he could do and had years of experience.

Over time we worked extensively on interview skills and began to source suitable jobs. Martin’s confidence grew and it became clear how eager Martin was on gaining employment.

I contacted a previous employer who had used our service in the past. I asked him to consider Martin for a work experience and also give Martin an interview. Martin’s work experience involved assembling fitted kitchens. Martin excelled at the work and he got on well with his co-workers and managers. Although the employer was impressed, he was not in a position to offer Martin a job.

The work experience however did give Martin the confidence to proceed with job sourcing. He now had a current reference and the knowledge that he would be able to communicate comfortably with work colleagues. We contacted a well known store close to Martin’s home for a general operative position. Martin was successful in his interview and is now working fulltime assembling furniture for the store.

Disclaimer: while these are representations of the service we provide, they are not based on one person in particular.