Case Study 4

Case Study 4

‘Debbie’ is a 30 year old female with a learning disability who lives with her parents and has received special education services since childhood. She attended a school for students with both physical and learning disabilities.

After school, Debbie volunteered at a local charity shop. This job really suited her outgoing personality; however Debbie found multi tasking quite stressful and felt that this was not the right match for her. Not knowing where to start looking for suitable work, Debbie’s mum made an appointment for her to register at her Local Employment Office. From here Debbie was referred to EmployAbility Dublin South and was allocated a job coach. After a few meetings with the job coach discussing jobs Debbie has had previously, and what she liked and disliked about certain tasks, Debbie decided that cleaning was a job she would enjoy. She loved cleaning at home and like this aspect of her previous position in the charity shop.

With the support of her parents, Debbie and her job coach began sourcing for a suitable cleaning position. Soon, an employer was sourced at a local secondary school. The employer was approached by the job coach who introduced Debbie and explained a little about Debbie’s abilities and experience. The position being offered by the employer was as a hygiene technician on a part time basis. Although Debbie was receiving a weekly Disability Allowance she could earn up to 120 euro per week without her allowance being affected. This was very important to Debbie as she was afraid of losing her Disability Allowance altogether.
When Debbie was offered a position at the secondary school the terms and conditions were set out by Debbie’s employer. Lines of communication were essential between both the employer and the employment facilitator/job coach. Together they worked out the most effective way for Debbie to get a system in place so that she had a routine to complete her duties within the time frame of her shift.

After the initial teething period Debbie settled in very well to her new job. She gained so much confidence and became friendly with the other staff. Her job coach remained in the background as a support should she or her employer need any assistance. For the Employer it was a learning process that allowed both staff and students enhance their understanding of People with a Disability accessing mainstream employment.

Disclaimer: while these are representations of the service we provide, they are not based on one person in particular.