Employment Process For Participants

Step 1 : Job Seeker registers with local Department of Social Protection.

Step 2 : Job seeker meets with a Job Coach to discuss work experience so far, then identify skills and talents. The job seeker may decide to get some extra training before applying for a job. The Job Coach and the job seeker then pinpoint a number of possible jobs that the person likes and has the skills to do.

Step 3 : Job Coach and job seeker source a suitable job.

Step 4 : Interview takes place.

Step 5 : A workplace visit takes place to see if any changes are needed.

Step 6 : Suitable transport is identified.

Step 7 : Special equipment is sourced, if needed.

Step 8 : Work begins – employee joins the workforce.

Step 9 : Job Coach provides support on-the-job, as needed.

Step 10 : Job Coach keeps in contact with employer and supported employee, as needed